Aiming for a cheaper us!

So I thought I was cheap. I thought I was frugal. I thought I was such an awesome saver. Well, after reading some blogs out there, I have my work cut out for myself! I am really going to have to religiously buy the paper each week (running to sign up for a Sunday only subscription!) and clipping more frivolously.

First thing I need to do is either clear the shelf off in the hole I call a basement, or go buy a new one (which may actually be easier!) to make way for all the goodies that I can get from super sales and coupon clipping. Oh God, my basement is going to look like my in-laws! My father in law is the King of Deals. He has so many freebie things in his basement, he actually was handing out rakes and extention cords at my daughter’s Baptism 7 yrs ago, I kid you not! lol

I’ve bookmarked some coupon sites (if anyone knows any, please let me know), so I am going to look at those weekly as well.

The 2 week meal plan that I do is working pretty well. We’ve been eating leftovers and Tim packs food for lunch sometimes as well- if there is enough for leftovers. I hope to soon post recipes to yummy, cheap, good for you recipes, so be sure to check back often!


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Wow its hot!!

Why is it so hot out, especially when the air in my car is broken! *sigh*     

It’s like 94 degrees out. You know if it was 30 degrees out my air would be just fine.  Rolling down the windows doesn’t help. It’s like driving with the heat on. The heat from the outside is just pouring into the car and it just makes me all hot and stinky. It’s funny because the DJ on the radio today was talking about “if you have no air, then you are going to get all hot and stinky and no one will want to be around you”. I had to text her on my phone to say “My air is broke in my van. My kids and I are dying right now” and she actually read it on the air! Right after that, she played Jordin Sparks song “No Air” it was too funny.

The kids are finishing up VBS this week, thank goodness. Waking up that early is killing me. It’s a mad rush to get them fed and dressed, let alone to cooperate to do the above in under an hour before its time to leave. I’ve had to put $40 in my car since yesterday just to get them there!

Tomorrow I am thinking of staying in the area and going to the new Whole Foods that opened yesterday near the school/church. I don’t even need anything from there, and I can’t spend any money there really, but it will be fun to browse while the kids are at VBS.

We just finished lunch here, and I am trying to force myself out of the house to run to the bank, post office and the library. I have a few books that are overdue by 2 days, so I need to get those returned and renew a few as well. Maybe we will be cheap and rent a movie from there too, and pop some popcorn or whatever. Trying to plan ‘fun’ things for them to do. They just want to sit here and watch tv or play video games and it bugs me. I was never allowed to watch so much tv growing up, and certainly not what they watch. I had maybe the Muppets and Wizard of Oz. Thats all I remember watching on tv! I was always playing dolls and playing outside.

Ah well. Time for me to do something productive. Maybe I will get crazy and vacuum!

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Here it is! I am officially a blogger!

In my bizarre attempt to fit in with ever changing society, I have decided to join the masses and become a blogger. I have NO clue what I will put in this thing. Most days I would assume that it won’t be full of exciting stories, but I will see what I can come up with 🙂

What will be in this blog? Well, we will be homeschooling this year, so I am sure I will have some good stories about that. I am also returning to school in August, so you will read all about that as well! (Yeah I know, don’t get all excited now! lol )

Wow. So how do you exactly work this blog? I think I need some sort of online tutorial or something. Do they even have those? You’d think that with Tim being a computer guy, that I’d have more knowledge of things, but I don’t even think he knows how to ‘work’ a blog!

Ok, well I guess I will figure this out tomorrow. Tim is putting together my new storage cubicle thingy and he’s not in the greatest mood when doing those types of things. lol

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