Aiming for a cheaper us!

So I thought I was cheap. I thought I was frugal. I thought I was such an awesome saver. Well, after reading some blogs out there, I have my work cut out for myself! I am really going to have to religiously buy the paper each week (running to sign up for a Sunday only subscription!) and clipping more frivolously.

First thing I need to do is either clear the shelf off in the hole I call a basement, or go buy a new one (which may actually be easier!) to make way for all the goodies that I can get from super sales and coupon clipping. Oh God, my basement is going to look like my in-laws! My father in law is the King of Deals. He has so many freebie things in his basement, he actually was handing out rakes and extention cords at my daughter’s Baptism 7 yrs ago, I kid you not! lol

I’ve bookmarked some coupon sites (if anyone knows any, please let me know), so I am going to look at those weekly as well.

The 2 week meal plan that I do is working pretty well. We’ve been eating leftovers and Tim packs food for lunch sometimes as well- if there is enough for leftovers. I hope to soon post recipes to yummy, cheap, good for you recipes, so be sure to check back often!


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